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Our Lash Bond Brush Adhesive is made for luxury lashes, formulated with the highest quality ingredients to make lash application quick, easy, and flawless.

Castor Oil • Sunflower Oil • Jasmin Oil • Latex Free • Formaldehyde Free • Dries Clear

We want you to make it super easy for you to apply false lashes. This brush-on applicator is super smooth, the ultra-tacky formula means no wait time for application. This lash adhesive is made specifically for lashes that promote multiple wears, so it is gentle enough to easily come off during lash removal and care.

How to Apply:
1. Prep and measure: Gently remove lashes from tray, measure lash to fit the length of your eyelid.
2. Trim to size: Trim the lash band just shy of your natural eye length. Trim from the outer corner to maintain the style.
3. Apply 1986 Lash Bond: Brush a thin layer to the band, allowing glue to become tacky before application.
4. Apply Lashes: Using the 1986 Lash Applicator, grasp and place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. Then adjust the corners.

1. Avoid mascara: Never apply mascara directly to your 1986 Lashes as this can damage the hairs. If needed, apply to your natural lashes only.
2. Remove glue: Once there is a small buildup of lash glue on the band, gently peel off using any twissers or your fingers.
3. Store: Never soak your lashes in water or makeup remover. Store away from moisture and dust.
4. Be gentle: Always hold your lashes from the band, not the hairs, whether removing from packaging or your eyes.
5. Spot clean: Clean any makeup that gets on your lashes with oil-free makeup remover, using a Q-tip, dab and twirl as needed on affected areas.
6. Keep the curl: If your lashes get wet and loose curl, you can use an eyelash curler to reshape.